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5 Movies From Your Childhood to Introduce to Your Kids

April 12, 2020

What better way to spend family time than having fun together! Here are five movies from your childhood that your kids are bound to enjoy. 

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Wizard of Oz

Released in 1939, this one may not have necessarily come out during your childhood, but it probably made a presence, nonetheless. Show your kids this classic, and they’ll be clicking their heels to go to Kansas as soon as the credits roll. Rating: G

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The Princess Bride

This 1987 movie has rendered itself a classic with its fantasy, adventure, and comedy. Kids will be laughing all the way through this entertaining film. Rating: PG

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E.T. – The Extra Terrestrial 

E.T., released in 1982, tells the story of a creature from another planet and his journey on Earth and on his way back home. For a tale of friendship and adventure, share this classic with your little ones. Rating: PG

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Little Rascals 

A bunch of little rascals lead an anti-girl club and spearhead the fight between the sexes, that is until one of their main members catches the eye of a special little lady. This fun film is the perfect 1994 throwback to keep your kids laughing. Rating: PG

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The Sandlot 

A 1993 story about friendship, a neighborhood baseball team of teenage boys learns teamwork while trying to get their baseball back from a mysterious neighbor’s backyard. Rating: PG

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