March 27, 2020

You don't have to be a professional photographer to have some fun with a camera.

Even your cell phone will do quite nicely in a pinch. This unusual moment in history is also such a unique time in your family's life, and one they are sure to want to look back on. So why not have some fun remembering these long sequestered days of family life during this time.

Here are a few activities you can do with your family and a camera. Remember that imperfection often leads to the best moments, and don't be afraid to be in front of the camera for your budding young photographer. Enjoy!

Document a Day in the Life of Your Family

There’s nothing better than taking a closer look at one day of your family’s life. Start with your morning routine and end with bedtime. Embrace all of the monotonous moments of parenting, from snack time to bath time, playing, brushing teeth, and reading time.

Go on a Photo Scavenger Hunt

Photo by Twirl Photography

Write down a list of easy to find objects, such as a green leaf, orange flower, pointy rock, black fence, stop sign, and your own house. Make sure to include something you can photograph from far away and up close.

Make Your Own Awkward Family Photo

Photo by Twirl Photography

Have your kids recreate that embarrassing photo of you when you were their age. Or make it a family effort and put on an outdated outfit, style your hair like you did in the '80s, and take your best glamour shot. You might end up with a keeper! You can find some inspiration here.

Create Your Own Studio

Set up a blanket or sheet next to a window, add a chair and you have an instant studio. Let every member of the family take a turn being the model and the photographer. Get the pets involved and make sure to let your kids photograph you! 

Photograph at Night

Grab some flashlights and build a fort with a white sheet. Step back and let the shadow party begin. You can also have some fun with flashlights and scary faces. Make sure to expose for the brightest light and let everything else go black for a dramatic capture. 

Learn more about Twirl Photography and see their beautiful portfolio  here.

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