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5 reasons your child should attend art camp

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Let’s face it-it’s Mardi Gras season and that means –yup- time to think about Summer Camp.

We’re lucky, here in New Orleans.  There are so many options for day camp that it’s almost staggering. In addition to our kids having a blast, they are occupied while school is out and are given an opportunity to develop new friendships. Camp is also a big part of their ‘education’. It’s where they learn new skills, find new interests, and explore boundaries on their own terms.

Here, you’ll find five really good reasons why art camp can be the perfect fit for your child- yes indeed; whether athlete, drama queen, or mini-mathematician. It fits- and benefits- them all!

Here’s how:

  1. IMAGINATION/CREATIVITY– The brain is a terrible thing to waste. There was a recent article in Scientific American that explains how the creative process uses large scale networks in the brain-which helps brain development. Being creative also teaches them to see their world differently. To be open. Is that an A/C duct tube, or an elephant’s trunk? What can that old chair become?                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  2. CONFIDENCE – There are no mistakes in art. Every creative risk is a success. To be creative without censure of teachers or peers is empowering.  Art camps allow risk-taking in a safe environment because creative expression and experimentation are encouraged. Is that how you envision a bird? We applaud your bird.                                                                                                    
  3. MAD NEW ‘SKILLZ’– From painting to woodworking, from music to photography! Art camp is an opportunity for your children to try something new and fun. They can star in a play that they may not have auditioned for at school, or they may learn how to fire their pot in a kiln that doesn’t exist in their normal world.                                
  4. DIVERSITY– When they learn art techniques from all over the world, they also learn about the world!  Their New Orleans world will expand as well. Let’s face it, no matter how large and diverse your child’s school, it’s always good to leave the ‘pool’ and meet new kids who are exploring through art.                                                                       
  5. INDEPENDENCE–At art camp they succeed. They master a new environment. They develop new interests, gain new skills, make new friends, and they’re away from their parents and teachers. Suddenly in fantastic new ways they’re able to develop and learn about themselves with a bit more confidence. There is no fear of losing their ‘street cred’ while exploring new interests like movie-making or learning to manipulate giant puppets!

Did you know ?  Here are some ways art utilizes core academic subjects:  

Painting – history, math

Photography, dance, cooking, media arts, robotics, wood-working – math and science

Creative Writing – a new approach to writing


“The most exciting feedback I get from parents is that Country Day Creative Arts changes their children’s lives. They say their children come to see things in new ways, and gain courage, independence, and self-esteem.” Sara Stevenson

Contributing- Sara Stevenson, Director, CDCA

Drawing from her work with the Arts Council, the Children’s Arts Council, and the CAC, Sara Stevenson founded and still directs the Country Day Creative Arts Program, now celebrating it’s 35th year.  To learn more about CDCA go to countrydaycreativearts.com


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