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5 Ways to Keep the Peace

April 13, 2020

With everyone at home together and a new routine setting in, it’s possible for you and your family members to butt heads or feed off of each other’s stress.

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Here are five ways you can avoid conflict and keep the peace in your home.  

Make Sleep a Priority 

Without regular work and school schedules to follow, it’s easy for us to wander out of our normal sleep schedules. Be wary of this. Nothing makes us more irritable than lack of sleep, so keeping up (and catching up, if necessary) with sleep will make happier people and, therefore, helps to prevent conflict in your home. 

Breathe / Meditate

Make it a family activity to practice meditation in your home. Just 5–10 minutes a day can help to decrease stress and calm the home environment for everyone. Visit YouTube for meditation videos that can be done quickly and as a family activity. 

Declutter Your Environment

It is easy when stressed to let ourselves turn into tornadoes of mess, leaving everything everywhere, which can add to our stress. A good way to practice decluttering your mind is to declutter the space you live in. Keep it up and ask your family to do the same, so you enjoy the space where you spend your time together. 

Set Limits 

While working, studying, or teaching from home, our normal routine is likely to get out of whack. It is possible that people will expect you to continue your routine outside of its normal schedule, but in order to take the breaks necessary to keep peace of mind, it is essential that we set limits on our work and our play. Additionally, leading by example will allow your kids to fall into their own routines, which is important surrounding the current societal atmosphere of uncertainty. 

Accept Things and Let Go

Now that we’re home and spending a lot more time at home than we usually would, it is likely inevitable that conflict will arise, adding stress to an already stressful situation. It is important to remember to accept things the way they are. Holding on to things you can’t change will only make problems manifest and further disturb the peace.

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