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September/October  2018

When Nola Family publisher Ann Herren first came to me with the idea of publishing a new magazine, geared to the 55+ age group in New Orleans, I had two thoughts: it was pure genius and pure madness.  It was genius because this city is considered “age-friendly” and, if predictions are correct, more than 20 percent of our city will be 55+ by the year 2030. It was pure madness because of that old fear, ‘if we build it, will they come?’  But our fears were tempered by reality: niche magazines do well. And Nola Boomers is the ultimate niche publication: targeted, engaged audience in the coolest city in the country.”

But I’ve worked with Ann for the past 11 years as she gave birth to Nola Family (and one precious daughter, Livvy), and I’ve seen Nola Family go from an idea shared over a glass of wine to a publication that would earn more regional and national parenting magazine awards than we ever dreamed possible. Genius, pure genius.

So here we are, initiating a publication for New Orleans seniors, written mostly by New Orleans seniors, with articles that are New Orleans-centric.  You won’t find canned articles in Nola Boomers. Our topics will be what seniors talk about in local barber shops, cocktail parties and over a cup of café au lait.  Want to know how a much-loved sports anchor and voice of the Saints spends his “retirement”? Jim Henderson will tell you in this issue. Are you thinking about getting the new shingles vaccine and want to know the risks and benefits?  Ochsner’s infectious disease specialist Joe Dalovisio, M.D. will give you the skinny. Thinking about downsizing and don’t know where to begin? Read on and find out the best local resources to help you get the job done. Tempted to try online dating? Here’s how…and much more.

Want to know someone crazy enough to take on a brand new job at age 60+?  That would be me. I’m doing this because these are subjects that interest my friends and me.  I’m a happy wife of 44 years, a grandmother of two, a committed volunteer and a die-hard New Orleanian.  I’m also a very lucky senior citizen. And so are you if you are reading this today.

A friend recently posted on Facebook a quote from Gloria Steinem: “Women grow radical with age.  One day an army of gray-haired women (and men, I might add) may quietly take over the earth.” I say, bring it on.

Enjoy Nola Boomers.  Send us your thoughts, ideas, and yes, your concerns.  Together, we will live fearlessly and enjoy every second.

Fearlessly yours,

Laura Claverie

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