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Another Year Older

It’s July, which means it’s time for Nola Family’s birthday issue. This year, I’ve got a new perspective on birthdays since my mother passed away.

In the past, I have kept my birthday off the work birthday calendar and resolved to not come in for work because I hated getting another year older. It just makes me sad thinking about how much longer I have with my littles before they move on and start their lives. My husband knows I hate my birthdays as well, and this one would be really hard for me without my mother. I am going through a year of firsts without her.

I decided it was time to celebrate my birthday this year. My mom may not be here to celebrate, but I have my children, friends, and family who want to celebrate with me. I am still around, and I plan on being around for a while, so it’s time to make some changes. For example, I always go overboard with my children. We have parties, birthday dinners, and so many gifts. My husband likes to implement birthday week, so we do something every day, including confetti cannons. I mean, we live with random confetti in our house. Just when you think you got it all, the air comes on or a fan blows a few pieces from the blinds onto the floor. It’s kind of comical, and this year my daughter and niece got me for the first time. It was nice to come home to them with a little set up: a bundt cake (gluten free, of course), flowers, gifts, and then the confetti.

As your children’s, spouse’s, parents’, grandparents’, or friends’ birthdays roll around, remember you never know when it will be their last. Celebrate, have fun, and go a little overboard. For this issue, we gathered all things birthday-related to help you plan the best birthday for anyone in your family.

Happy Birthday to those celebrating this month, and Happy Independence Day, USA! I am ready for another great year and look forward to celebrating lots more birthdays.

This article was originally published in July 2023.

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