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Big Game Fun Beyond the Field

As the biggest football game of the year captivates houses all across the country, keeping the youngest members of your family entertained for nearly three hours is a touchdown-worthy challenge in itself. But fear not, parents! Here are some fun, but easy, crafts and games that will score big with your littlest MVPs and keep them occupied while you focus on your favorite team.

  1. DIY Jerseys

    Let’s face it: it’s almost impossible to keep kids clean for an entire day, let alone the length of a football game. Rather than opting for dressing up the kiddos in their cutest hometeam attire (save that for yourself,)  set up a jersey design station so they can make their own team T! All you’ll need is plain white T-shirts and fabric markers, but if you want to be even more extra, opt for some stickers, gemstones, puff paint, and don’t forget the fabric glue! This personalized keepsake is a great way for your kids to channel their artistic flare.

  2. Commercial BINGO

    If you’re not a huge football fan, then you’re probably spending this Sunday evening waiting for the Oscar-worthy commercials. The BINGO square possibilities are endless from puppies making unlikely friends to pop stars singing about soda. You can make cards with spaces for food and drink brands, celebrity cameos, and so much more. With enough planning, you can even laminate your cards and provide dry-erase markers so the kiddos can play all night.

  3. Trivia Games

    Feeling foggy when it comes to arts and crafts? No problem! Jump online and search for trivia or word games on your favorite– or least favorite– team. And if you include a prize for the winner(s), their eyes just might stay glued to the screen. You can also search for word scrambles, crossword puzzles, and more. 

  4. Football Charades

    Create a list of different football-related actions and things, so your kids can have fun acting out and trying to guess the different charades. Once they make it through the list, have them make their own spin on it and act out whatever they want! Almost no assembly required!

  5. Sneaky Quarterback Scavenger Hunt

    Every child loves a good scavenger hunt, and it’s even more fun for parents when it’s themed! Sit down and brainstorm football phrases, football terms, common plays, and more to come up with different clues. If you’re worried about making your own clues, gain some inspiration by checking out this free PDF or just print it out for a quick and easy setup.

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