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Cake for Breakfast

According to my 7-year-old son, cake is a perfectly acceptable breakfast item, and I agree.

Most mornings he wants oatmeal. Great! A healthy, filling option. But one Saturday he asked for a slice of leftover birthday cake. I said no, of course. Other parents wouldn’t allow it, right? He asked why and I explained that he needed something more nutritious and filling in the morning.

But, as kids do, he argued — he argued hard. Finally, he asked for the powdered doughnuts. I said sure — and that’s when I walked into a trap.

“Hold up,” he said. “I can have doughnuts, but I can’t have cake? What’s the difference?”

He was right. Why are doughnuts okay in the morning, but a slice of moist strawberry birthday cake with vanilla buttercream frosting isn’t? We now have cake for breakfast every now and then.

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Hi, I’m NOLA Family’s new full-time managing editor, which essentially means that I work for you — the parents of the Greater New Orleans area. And just like you, I’m a parent. I get that sometimes we have to concede to our kids. Model the same behavior we expect from them, and all — admitting when we’re wrong no matter how many times we’re outwitted by someone who can’t seem to remember how the toilet seat works. The struggle is real.

This is what I hope to bring to NOLA Family — highlight the good, but never ignore the wrestling match, both mentally and physically, that is parenting in New Orleans. And since our content is for families, I’d really love to hear more from our readers. What do you want more of and less of within the magazine?

A part from being a parent in New Orleans, I’m also a New Orleans native. Most of my professional experience has been focused within the city.

I’ve written for two GNO area newspapers and for a lifestyle blog and print magazine. But my most relevant experience with niche publications was as the editor of Play Meter, a 40-year-old nationally-subscribed B2B print magazine for the coin-operated amusement industry, until it ceased operations last year.

I’m looking forward to helping NOLA Family magazine grow, and in return, helping New Orleans families grow.

Tim Meyer is the Managing Editor of Nola Family and Nola Boomers.

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