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Calling all mothers, daughters, and even fathers! Friday, September 25th, is National Daughters Day!

Calling all mothers, daughters, and even fathers! Friday, September 25th, is National Daughters Day… a day to shower our daughters with love, affection and appreciation. It’s a great opportunity to add a little extra love and attention to our daughters’ life, cause they absolutely deserve it! 

Deborah Ann Davis, award-winning author, parenting skills coach, mother to a daughter, and former high school educator, has a few ideas on how we can show our daughters just how much we appreciate them this National Daughters Day.   

Here’s Deborah’s top 5 tips on how to show your daughter just how much you appreciate and love her this National Daughters Day:

TIP #1:

Do a little fact-finding first. To truly please her, you have to know what she values and finds enjoyable. This is not National Embarrass Your Daughter Day, so whatever celebration you plan, make sure you pick something she’ll think is fun, memorable and cool, not something you think is fun, memorable, and cool. 

TIP #2:

Take this time to reconnect at home in a fun way. For example, have a fun, at-home Spa Day. Relax and reconnect over a mani and pedi, face masks, or maybe even experiment with new hairstyles or makeup. Take time to chat about all the fun things, people, and events in each others’ lives. And then, end the day with a formal dinner to which the rest of the family is invited. Pro tip: Have it delivered so that your special day won’t get interrupted.

TIP #3:

Your life was greatly impacted by her arrival. Share the story of who you were at that time, how much she means to you, and what a joy it is to be her parent in a handwritten letter. Include photos (the printed kind) of when she was younger. Excuse yourself and let her read and process it alone. (Maybe go make her favorite meal while you wait.) 

The printed photos and handwritten notes will be all the more unique and significant with newer generations, as they tend to receive only digital photos and messages. Next year you can do something similar about how the past year went. If you do this yearly, she’ll have a nice collection to look back on and share with her family when she’s a mom.

TIP #4:

Take spontaneous, fun outings:

TIP #5:

Spontaneous outings are always a fun option, but be sure to take advantage of fun pre-planned ideas too: 

Take advantage of this holiday and have some fun with it. And most importantly, congrats on your wonderful daughter! 

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