Celebrating Female Athletes

National Girls and Women in Sports Day is Wednesday, February 1, and we wanted to highlight Dr. Rachel Brewer, who is not only an endurance athlete but also a coach for Girls on the Run of the Rockies and girls lacrosse. Dr. Brewer works as a Pediatric Sports Medicine Physician with Rocky Mountain Pediatric OrthoOne and is a mother to 3 girls. 

She is also on the leadership council for the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) and sees the benefits that sports can have for young female athletes. She has seen that sports can help with self-esteem, mindset, and overall outlook on life. 

“I think ultimately, in the setting of young female athletes, it sort of unlocks their potential that perhaps they didn’t know existed,” says Dr. Brewers. “Once they realize they can do something within an athletic realm, whether that’s a team sport or being on the playground or being in PE…they recognize what they can do outside of the athletic realm.” 

Confidence is something that adolescents and even adults struggle with, but through sports and being a mentor, Dr. Brewer can positively influence the youth around her. Things young female athletes learn through sports and activities can translate into their academics and relationships.

“What I’ve gained from the coaching side of things, by participating within whatever sport they may do, really helps them understand they have limitless potential,” Dr. Brewer says. 

Not only can athletics positively impact young female athletes, but Dr. Brewer believes being part of athletics is a parallel to life. By being a teammate or member of the marching band, there’s diversity, and children and young adults will benefit from interacting with others. 

She has seen the benefits of athletics firsthand by participating in sports throughout her youth, like softball, basketball, tennis, and cross country. At age 20, she finished her first marathon and has been a long-distance runner ever since. She has always been drawn to team camaraderie and the goal-setting nature of sports. Last year, Dr. Brewer ran the Leadville 100 and finished 6th place overall and first in her age group. 

The mother, coach, physician, and mentor, Dr. Brewer, will continue to inspire young female athletes to find their full potential in life. 

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