A Child’s Brain and Yoga: A Great Combination

Haven’t you been hearing the “buzz” about kid’s yoga everywhere? Reason being is that there is great discovery of the positive effects yoga has on your child’s well-being! As the yoga proverb goes: “We are human beings, not human doings”. In our society, as much as we all go and go and go; our children learn and feel the parents “rush” to get things done. A child can take on the rush and the worry of the parent. The effect of the mind/brain upon the whole body of the child is powerful. Yoga can deliver ease to the “being” of the child. Yoga helps a child’s trust his intuition, where all of their knowing exists! Maria Montessori says, “Education is not something the teacher does, it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being”.

     Dr. Patricia Kuhl, a kid’s brain development scientist sums it up with “People need people to learn.” Educational games and videos, like Baby Einstein, and Brainy Baby are not the best for the development of a child’s brain. Just sitting watching a video can be damaging. Kids brains can be damaged by what they don’t do; they need to talk, move, and play to develop a healthy brain.

     Yoga provides three keys to good brain development; explore, energize and engage. Children engage with the teacher and other children, explore their bodies connecting to their mind, and energize the body to move. This stimulates the brain. Yoga enables the child to explore their body, stretching and balancing poses energize the child while developing motor skills. When centering in a yoga practice the children are involved in problem solving, music, and conversation. Practice yoga. Build a healthy brain!

     When you are stuck in the lower part of your brain, you can have fearful or anxious thoughts that keep repeating. Jan Yordy, MEd. calls these repetitive thoughts ANTS, automatic negative thoughts. “You are wrong. Don’t help out. Not good enough.” The ANTS increase you to worry and make your body feel tense. Try “bubble therapy” at home. Aruna Kathy Humphrys, founder of Young Yoga Masters, describes a fun exercise where bubbles are like the bad feelings they come and go. Pop the bad bubbles. Feelings and trust of new happy thoughts come when you use your breath and blow more bubbles. Try it!

     *Watch Dr. Becky Bailey demonstrate “The Brain Hand” Chapter 2: Brain State Model


Peace and Namaste,

Charlotte Connick Mabry, RYT, RCYT

Charlotte Connick Mabry

Charlotte a former professor at the LSU School of Dentistry, completed Soul School, a 200 hour registered yoga teacher training under the direction of Sean Johnson. In addition she has completed a speciality certification as a registered children’s yoga teacher, with Yoga Alliance under the direction of Aruna Humphries of Young Yoga Masters in Ontario, Canada.  Charlotte feels yoga can help prevent those wounds that are found in childhood and feels her greatest gift as a teacher is helping children discover their “self-knowing within”, trusting and speaking it. “The miracle is watching them light up with delight when believing in who they are. Namaste!”


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