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Creating My Perfect Road Trip Playlist

The perfect road trip playlist is as follows, something that keeps you awake! Whether that is a playlist filled with upbeat songs or classical music, it is entirely up to you as the driver. You have the most important job in the car, and that is getting everyone else in the car to the destination safely. If everyone else hates country but you, then you go right ahead and put it on if that’s what keeps you awake. The key to creating the perfect road trip music is just picking songs that you know you would enjoy, and not wondering whether or not the rest of the car will vibe with your decision. Nothing is more distracting than driving a car and scrolling through Spotify trying to find a song that you actually enjoy. So, why not just find something you enjoy and hit shuffle? Whether that be a certain genre, album, artist, or even podcast, put on what will best keep your mind alert and focused on reaching your final destination! 

What I do personally is leading up to the day of the road trip, I listen to everything. I listen to every genre I like, and I go through some of the albums of my favorite artists. I essentially cast out a huge net trying to pull in as much as I can. Then, I pick out the ones that I especially like and put it all in one big road trip playlist. Currently, my playlist is very diverse. There is rap, country, hymns, slam poetry, Broadway musicals, head bangers, heartbreakers, and everything else in between. Does it make sense? No! I mean imagine rocking out to “All Star” then the very next song sobbing to “Supermarket Flowers.” 

That’s fine though! It keeps me awake and focused, and that is the key to creating the perfect road trip playlist.

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