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Creativity In The Time Of COVID-19

May 19, 2020

New Orleans kids are inspired and expressive while living under wraps.

We asked parents to submit their child’s art work or written words that they created during their COVID-19 quarantine. 

—Livvy Herren, age 12

You’ve never felt this feeling before. This feeling of unfinished-ness.

You think about it as you lie there, sipping your water to cure that incurable feeling that you should be doing something.
You try and tell your mom what you’re feeling at the moment,
but you just can’t put it into words.
When you try and describe it, that sensation,
it isn’t to answer your mom’s question that shall remain unanswered,
it is to try and satisfy yourself.
You fidget, you shift around, you hum,
but you always feel you should be doing something.
You look around that dark abyss that is your room at night and try to find something to think about, to try and cure your nonexistent sickness.
You look at your watch, take it off, put it back on,
turn it on, look at the time, repeat.
You scratch your skin trying to itch your mosquito bites that don’t even exist.
fidget fidget fidget…
This is the first time you have ever felt this feeling, and you don’t like it.
You have developed a hatred towards this sensation that shall most likely continue until your death.
This hatred, is what is powering this feeling…
This feeling is what is provoking this hatred…
You want time to speed up or to fall asleep,
but neither of those seem possible.
You clutch your bed and close your eyes and tense your body,
preparing for something, but what?
That question will remain unanswered.

—Sadie Bruno, age 12, and Caitlin Bruno, age 13

They’ve driven as far as Belle Chasse to drop off a rock and have walked miles and miles around uptown New Orleans delivering painted rocks to friends over the past weeks!

—Hayden Parnell, age 12, and Anna Parnell, age 11

Hayden and Anna painted their bedroom doors!
Hayden painted a dragon in a night sky and Anna painted Nightmare Before Christmas and Beetlejuice. 

—Bailey Ziglin, age 4

Bailey created a rainbow-themed masterpiece because she loves all the colors in the rainbow.

Would you like to share what your child has created during quarantine? If so, email us today!

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