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Dating Without Digits

While I am not the one who celebrates Valentine’s Day, many people are crazy about their plans. I prefer to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays in a big way; luckily, my husband agrees with me on this topic. But here we are in February, and we’ve got lots of celebrations happening in Louisiana. First Mardi Gras, then Valentine’s Day. I don’t even know if they still do this, maybe I am showing my age, but do you remember when they would do candygrams in school? You would bring money, fill out a slip on who it was for, and put it in a box. On Valentine’s Day, you would see who had the most crushes! I wonder if any schools still do this? 

I’ve noticed as my kids are getting older, the valentines are getting more creative as moms go way above and beyond, putting Pinterest to shame sometimes. Yes, I might try to be one of those moms, but man I am getting tired of keeping up the charades. However, this is my last year in the elementary building, so I will try and pull out all the stops as usual, staying up super late to make sure I get them done in time. 

With Valentine’s Day, I also want to talk about dating. When did you have your first boyfriend, first date, or first kiss? I mean, we had to get landline phone numbers and get the courage to call and talk to the boy, or vice versa. We would get busy signals if they did not have call waiting. We actually had to talk at school; we didn’t have the luxury to snap, text, or whatever new technology they are using today. I watch my 15-year-old daughter and remember how different it was in my high school days. We have a great relationship, and we talk about all the boys and who’s doing what every day. I don’t even understand how they “talk” to boys. They snap a picture of their shoulder, or if you are lucky enough to get a full face shot, that means they like you, or they are mad at you if you are left unopened. I know the last boyfriend she had, they only talked through Snapchat, and she didn’t even have his cell phone number in her phone. That drove me crazy!

So I guess to sum it up, things have changed so much from when we parents dated as teenagers to how they “talk” or date now. We need to make sure we have that line of communication open and try to understand on their level why and how they do what they do. And, occasionally offer advice or listen. Remember, the time with your teens is coming to an end, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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