Dear Frankie: Holiday Displacement

Dear Frankie,

My family loves the Christmas holidays. The day after Thanksgiving, they turn on the Christmas carols, get out the ornaments, and decorate the tree. Every year, they put the tree next to the big glass door that faces the patio. This is the best and sunniest place in the house. I know because that’s where my bed is for the rest of the year. So, you might ask: “What happens to your bed during the holidays?” My mom puts it in the bedroom because she says it doesn’t “go” with the Christmas decorations. When I protest, she says it’s only there for a month. Well, a month may not seem like much time for her, but it is for me. Don’t you think personal comfort for a supposedly beloved family pet should be more important than a perfectly decorated house? Do I sound like a Scrooge?



Dear Buck,

No, you don’t sound like a Scrooge. It’s tough to be moved from your spot, and especially to accommodate a tree. I told you canines long ago that humans have some funny ideas and beliefs. For starters, what’s with bringing a dead or fake tree into the house? Sure it looks pretty when it’s all decorated and lit up, but so does a dog bed with a soft plaid blanket and a bow. Tradition is tradition, there’s no getting around it. Maybe this is a case for reframing. How about focusing on having the best spot in the house for 11 months rather than being displaced for a month? As they say, it’s not what happens to you that matters but what you think happened that matters. I’m sure your mom knows you are upset. Let’s hope she tries to make amends by getting you a great Christmas present.



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