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Dear Frankie – Homework

January 1, 2022

Dear Frankie,

Sunday nights are becoming a killer at our house. After dinner, mom asks my sibling, Billy, if he has completed his homework. He typically says it’s almost done. When she asks to see his work, Billy complains that weekends should be about fun and not school work. Billy is the most active of my three sibs and excels in anything physical. He runs like the wind, swims like a dolphin, and can hit a ball out of the park. But when it comes to school work, Billy struggles with reading and written work. Mom, however, insists he has to finish his homework. She tells him she is willing to sit with him for as long as it takes. Some nights it takes hours because he makes up all kinds of excuses–he’s too tired, needs to go to the bathroom, doesn’t feel well. By the end of the night, everyone in the family is worn out. I honestly feel sorry for Billy. Do other kids have so much trouble doing their homework?



Dear Josie,

Billy is lucky to have such a compassionate sister who understands his struggles and doesn’t accuse him of being lazy. Yes, many kids like Billy experience similar Sunday night scenarios. Not everyone is good at everything. It seems Billy is a star in sports but not in academics. Perhaps the assignment would be easier for him if your mom broke them into smaller tasks that he could complete Friday-Sunday. Doing a big homework assignment after dinner on Sunday may not be the best time for Billy to do his schoolwork, especially after a weekend of physical activities. Maybe your mom could reward Billy when he completes an assignment. Nothing big or expensive, perhaps something like picking out the dessert or choosing a video for the family to watch. You get the idea. I do suggest the teacher be informed of the issue. She might know of the way other families handle homework.



P.S. I hear from my friends at the dog park that the amount of homework their siblings get on the weekend is way too much. They also think there is more to life than reading and writing. Just saying.

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