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Dear Santa,

Well, we have survived another year. Christmas is almost here, and we all get a fresh start for 2023. I feel like we have skipped everything this year. Summer was not long enough, Halloween crept up on me, we planned our Thanksgiving meal literally three days before, and now I have three elves running amuck around the house. I wish I had an Elf on the Shelf when I was growing up. It is a chore to keep up with, but luckily my teenager helps now, so there are three of us with ideas.

The magic of Santa and the elves is something I look forward to every year. Now, about 10 days in, my creativity begins to fade, and it’s not entirely my fault. Over the years I have noticed the kids now can get texts, emails, and even calls from Santa. What happened to actually writing a letter to Santa? Have we lost the art of a handwritten letter? Do you still mail your Christmas cards? I know I am one of the very few who still mails birthday invitations, but why this change? 

I know technology is great, and without it I don’t know how I would get my work done. But I think our children do not need all this tech stuff shoved in their faces. Have your child sit down and write a letter to Santa and go to the post office, put a stamp on it, and mail it. I have grown employees well into their twenties who know nothing about postage. I found a letter in the mailbox one day with no postage on it and had to teach them all about it. I realize mail is a thing of the past, but if you could see how excited your little one will get when they get a letter in the mail from Santa–it is priceless. To learn how to have a letter sent from Santa, visit and search “Letters from Santa.” You will want to get these done early this month.

Your kids are only little for so long. Once they have outgrown this bit of magic, what’s next? They learn these traditions from us, watch every move we make, and somehow they seem to just get smarter. Keep the magic alive as long as possible, and enjoy your family this season. They grow up too fast.

Merry Christmas,

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