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Well, it’s official, summer is here. 

The kids are out of school, and the days are longer - it’s prime time for making family memories! But we know– oh we know– you can only take your child to the snoball stand or zoo so many times without losing your mind. So, before you even get to the point where the kids are climbing the walls, we have new, fun, free, OPTIONS. All thanks to NORD!

PSA: Did you know NORD earned national accreditation through the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA) and the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) last year? Less than one percent of recreation agencies in the United States receive this honor!

Here are 5 OPTIONS to kick-off your summer fun -

1) Cool off all around town

Did you know NORDs 17 pools are open daily during the summer, and staffed with friendly, professional lifeguards? You can dive in on your own, or sign up for swim lessons. Whether your kid is ready for the junior lifeguard program, you want to get your ‘Ohm’ on with water yoga, or they’re itching to join a swim team, NORD has it.

2) Get back to nature at Joe W. Brown Park 

Joe W. Brown Park sits on 54 acres of urban oasis and features outdoor picnic areas, a walking trail, and lagoon. Canoeing and fishing lessons, as well as bird-watching, and nature walks are available daily and open to all.

3) Tennis anyone?

NORD has 40 tennis courts located throughout Orleans Parish. With two full service tennis centers and seven additional tennis facilities, there is sure to be a tennis court in your area. Drop-in clinics give you a workout administered by tennis instructors. Have a great time learning the game, refining skills and improving fitness levels. This is an easy way to meet other tennis enthusiasts without a long-term commitment. With “A’s and Aces” lessons for the under 12 set, Senior Tennis, Tennis Bootcamp and mixers, opportunities are available for all ages and abilities. Registration is ongoing and all classes are free.

4) Bike the Lafitte Greenway

Once the Carondelet Canal, the Lafitte Greenway Bicycle and Pedestrian Path is a 2.6-mile multi-use trail and linear park connecting the French Quarter to Bayou St. John and Mid-City. New Orleans broke ground on this 9.1 million dollar project in 2014, and now you can make use of bike stations, playgrounds, and enjoy wildflower meadows along the path. Here are nine things to see along the path.

5) Get your Glamping On  

Want to keep the summer fun going this Fall? Plan ahead and be a part of the city’s first urban camping experience, and reserve your campsite at Joe W. Brown Park, complete with fire pit, water, and indoor (we said it was glamping!) bathrooms. If you’re new to camping, no worries, they offer educational, hands-on campouts! Contact NORD Outdoors at 504.658.3082 or email them to learn more.


These five highlights only scratch the surface of what NORD has to offer. For a list of their activities, including classes, events and summer schedules, click here.

Summers are better at NORD!


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Main Office:  5420 Franklin Ave. New Orleans, LA 70122  ·  504.658.3052  ·  [email protected]

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