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From Laura: Living longer and living well

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I’m gonna live forever
Light up the sky like a flame
I’m gonna live forever
Baby, remember my name

Theme song from “Fame”

In 1980, when musician Michael Gore and lyricist Dean Pitchford wrote the theme song for “Fame,” the award-winning movie and television series, little did they know that it would become the anthem for young adults of that era. Those idealistic souls are now Boomers who, at some point realized that they aren’t immortal. What a shock.

In the January/February 2020 issue, we’re focusing on the reality Boomers now face: Living longer and living well. Writer Thyme Hawkins gives us some easy and fun recommendations for longevity. Yes, we’ve all known that exercise and diet are at the top of the list. But who knew that some of those herbs growing in your garden, or that beloved pet, or sharing time with family and friends could add years to your life? And did you know that spending more time in your favorite park could add years as well?           

And if you are exercising, plan to join an adult sports league. From pickleball to biking to bowling, joining a sports league adds to your lifespan by incorporating exercise and socialization. Read this list of local organizations and get back in the game.

My husband Philip and I add travel to our list of favorite activities that add to the quality of our lives. Whether we are visiting the great museums of Europe, fly fishing and kayaking in Arkansas, or climbing to the top of Machu Picchu, getting out of our zip code takes our bodies and our brains out of our comfort zones. Travel opens our world to new ideas and experiences. Nola Boomer’s award-winning travel writer, Keith Marshall, does this in his story about Cuba. Don’t miss it.

Last, I’m very proud of Nola Boomers for winning second place in General Excellence in the National American Mature Publishers Association competition. Out of nearly 100 publications for mature audiences, Nola Boomers won six awards for editorial, design and photography. Not bad for a first-year publication. Bravo to our small, but dedicated, team who made this happen.

Now, put on your running shoes, eat some good things from your garden, and get a rescue dog. These won’t make you live forever, as we naively thought in our young adult days. But they’ll add some fun to your life. Time’s a wastin’!

Fearlessly yours,

Laura Claverie

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