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Girl Scout Cookies Are Back

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One of my most anticipated parts of the year is when Girl Scout Cookies being sold again is announced! These cookies are everyone’s weakness, I love trying the new cookies and seeing how they get better and better every year. As someone who used to be a Girl Scout, the organization is very dear to my heart.

Girl Scouts Louisiana East will kick off the 2023 year of cookie selling on January 20th! They are offering a new cookie called Raspberry Rally, a thin, crispy cookie infused with raspberry flavor and dipped in chocolate coating, which will be an online exclusive. Alongside this new delicious fruity treat will be classics, such as: Thin Mints, Caramel deLites, Peanut Butter Patties, and more! This year will be exciting for girl scouts, as cookie selling in-person will be less restrictive due to the pandemic, and the addition of online cookie delivery!

Girl Scouts will be selling cookies through both online and in-person services. If you are interested in delivery, visit the Smart Cookie online platform! Beginning February 17th, you can enter your zip code to purchase cookies for direct shipment or donation to local causes. For in-person cookie searches, you can find a booth by visiting the cookie finder at or use the Cookie Finder app starting March 3rd.

Along with the online platforms, and communicating with local Girl Scouts to learn more, you can also text COOKIES to 59618 to receive information on Girl Scout Cookies and other news! Sadly, Girl Scout Cookie season will come to an end March 19th, so get these cookies while you can! There are many opportunities to buy cookies this month, so be sure to buy plenty of cookies for yourself, family, and friends! 

If you are interested in becoming a Girl Scout, any girl from ages K-12 can start this incredible journey at any point! Adults may also be volunteers. For more information on this, visit From first-hand experience, Girl Scouts is a wonderful opportunity for girls to come together and learn incredible skills that will carry them through life! They learn financial responsibility, communication skills, teamwork, decision making, and entrepreneurship. I would definitely recommend both buying the amazing cookies, as well as joining to be a Girl Scout or volunteer. Remember, cookie selling begins January 20th and ends March 19th! 

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