Half Dozen of Another


“Our house is like everyone else’s. And… it’s not.”

by Tracy Breaux
She asked me to write blog posts for her. Regular ones at that. I know this woman has met me before this moment. She’s aware that I’m a giant mess. I somehow traded in my powers of retention for my mommy superpowers when the oldest came home. And now, with 4 kids in tow and the proverbial bloodless turnip that my condensed work week keeps turning into, my brain has taken on the consistency of oatmeal most days.

And yet, I know that this is something I need to do. This is something that my children need me to do. This world is changing and growing in such unexpected and alarming ways these day. Our city, our nation, our world is in flux. I struggle wanting to climb back into my protective shell but have to help make this world a safer and more loving place for families like mine. We are a two mom family with 4 beautiful children, some adopted and some home grown. I’ve never been willing to offer a glimpse into our home, our family, our lives to people at large. Our family is both fairly private and mostly conservative. We get a bit of flack on occasion because of both circumstances. This world though. This world that my children and children’s children will inherit. Frightening is an understatement and no one has ever been well served by hiding from their fear.

Elie Wiesel said, “We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.” And so, my wife of more than 20 years and our 4 children have decided to allow readers a glimpse into our world through this blog. Our children – #1, The Tyrant, Ladybird, and FratBoyFairy – are going to need better than what this world has cooking at this point. Every single one of us is going to need to be all in for change.

When #1 was just 2 years old, we sat at his school’s new parent orientation glowing with pride over our boy. A woman sat down across from me and asked who my child was. I replied and pointed him out. My wife came along a few minutes later and sat down. The woman asked her as well. She replied and pointed out #1 as I had done. The woman tossed and turned that over a bit, then she reproachfully flicked her eyes at us both and got up and left. Her middle child spent the year in class with my son. She never spoke another word to me by choice but replied respectfully to my morning cheerful greetings and moved on. My wife and I didn’t think twice that year when we invited the whole class to our son’s birthday party. We were truly surprised when the woman and all 3 of her children showed up though. My general rule of thumb is not to allow negative people and their behaviors to take up space in my head. I work hard not to allow anyone to take me anyplace I’m not willing to go. So, we welcomed this woman and her children and had a great party. At one point, I was picking up the stray plates and assorted mess when I realized that the woman was one of the last people in our home. She looked right at me as I picked up a cup near her and said, “huh, your house is just like everyone else’s house.” And right before I decided to follow my general rule, I whispered, “our buttless chaps are upstairs.”

And so, we welcome our readers in…Our house is like everyone else’s. And… it’s not.

Blog date: October 1, 2017

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