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Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year again! Make holiday shopping easy with our gift guide with plenty of ideas for all age groups from your youngest all the way up to oldest people in your life. Check out this gift guide and get started on getting your loved ones something that will bring a smile to their faces.



Soothie sleeve. This plushie and sleeve combo was designed to bring comfort to your infant through familiar smells. Ages zero and up.

Lil Nipper. These infant-sized automatic nail clippers make trimming your infant’s nails safe and easy.

Grabease. These easy-to-handle utensils are perfect for helping promote toddler independence as they attempt to feed themselves.

My Pal Violet Smarty Paws. This snuggly and customizable puppy is perfect for your children. Ages six months and up.

Contours Journey GO 5 Position Baby Carrier. This stylish utility baby carrier allows you to carry your baby in five different positions without the need for an infant insert.

Baby Starters Doll. The perfect first doll for your growing baby. Give them a friend that they can cherish as they grow up.



Bedtime Defenders. Help your child feel safe at night when they go to sleep with this glow-in-the-dark toy to fight the night so your kid can sleep tight. Ages three and up.

Bouncy Pals. This inflatable rideable toy is bound to be a hit. Ages 18 months and up.

LeapFrog LeapPods Max. Enjoy the beauty of music and dance with these fun headphones that give children both a fun and educational experience. Ages four and up.

LeapLand Adventures Learning Video Games. With over 150 learning items to explore, kids are able to enjoy the fun of video games whilst still actively engaging their minds and learning along the way. Ages three and up.

Madame Alexander It’s All Me Doll. It’s All Me dolls are a mashup of all your favorite activities and come in a variety of styles that brings a smile to any kid’s face. Ages three and up. 

Vtech My First Kidi Smartwatch. Do your kids always ask to play with your smartwatch? Well, now they can have their very own Kidi Smartwatch to help them keep track of their daily routines. Ages three to five.

Vudeco Glow in the Dark Blanket. This fun blanket glows in the dark for up to three hours with just 10 minutes of exposure to a light source.

Yumology Sweets Lab. Learn the science behind your favorite treats with this sweets-making lab kit. Ages four and up.

Miko 3. Make learning fun with this super smart AI. Ages five and up. 

For Keeps Fashion Dolls. Spread positive vibes with these affirming and self-empowering dolls. Ages four and up.

Koosh Flix. This easy catch-and-throw game is perfect for killing time and working on that hand-eye coordination. Ages six and up. 

MeandMine Aha! Brain STEM Magic Tricks. Have fun and challenge your brain with this box of tricks. Ages five and up.

Carrera Mario Kart. Bring this classic game to real life with this track-and-car combo. Ages three and up.

Playmobil Family fun. A unique new way for children to have fun by constructing real life themes such as family fun. Ages 4-10.

Playmobil City Life. City life never looked so fun with this awesome build-it-yourself kit. Ages 4-10.

PlusPlus Triceratops Mega Maker. Dinosaur lovers will love putting together this prehistoric creation! Ages 18 months and up.

Dream Seekers. These fairy friends will surely inspire you to follow your dreams as you laugh and play together. Ages three and up.

If I Were a Magical Unicorn. Do your children ever wish they were a unicorn? Show them what it would be like with this book! Ages two to seven.

Flippin Frenzy 360 Degree Tornado Action. Monster trucks are cool. Flipping RC trucks are even cooler. Ages four and up.

Paw Patrol To the Rescue Learning Video Game. This learning video game is perfect for your Paw Patrol fans. Ages four and up.

Drops Holiday Snowman Benny Burr. These adorable huggable plushies are a great addition to any household. Ages three and up.

Anxiety Attack! Stressing Out Has Never Been This Fun. You will stress out, but don’t worry, stressing out has never been this fun with this board game. Ages eight and up.

Awkward Yeti House Pets vs Aliens. Get ready for an all out war with this twist on a classic. Ages six and up.

Simply Fun Chalk-A-Word. This two-five player word game is a perfect mix of strategy and fun for the whole family. Ages eight and up.

Joke King. Channel your inner jokester with this card game. Ages four and up.

Rubik’s Race. This fast-paced game is bound to work your mind as you race against friends to complete puzzles. Ages seven and up. 

Harry Potter Sorting Hat. You’re a wizard! Now, channel your inner magic and find your house. Ages seven and up.

Hey Papa Dude! What Do We Do Now? by Papa Dude. Join best friends Papa Dude and Charlie Crab on their latest adventure.

World’s Smallest Chutes and Ladders. Enjoy this shrunken down version of a classic game. Ages three and up.

World’s Smallest Battleship. To your battlestations! Enjoy this very classic game with these very tiny ships. Ages three and up.

Soggy Doggy. Have some laughs and get soaking wet with your family with this great game. Ages four and up.

Robotech Action Figure and Car. Take your love for the anime franchise robotech with this action figure and car combo. Ages eight and up.

BST AXN Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Collect all four of these loveable turtles and fight crime. Ages eight and up.

RC Optimus Prime Transformers. Autobots assemble! Have a blast defeating the Decepticons with this remote control Optimus Prime. Ages eight and up.

Reversible Plush Unicorn. Collect all of these lovable and reversible plushies.

Unstable Unicorns. Build your unicorn army and battle your friends with this fun card game. Ages eight and up.



Lamp Angel. This lamp with its color changing LED base is a perfect addition to any nightstand.

Tulip One Step Tie-Dye Kit. This simple at-home tie-dye kit is easy to use and great for beautifying your wardrobe. Ages 14 and up.

Urban Hydration Bright & Balanced Aloe Vera Leaf Face Wash, Toner, and Moisturizer. This naturally inspired plant based product is great for the whole family and works wonders for itchy, dry skin.

Plus-Plus Puzzle by Number Earth. Create colorful puzzles or work in 3D for a more intricate build. Ages five and up.

Paco Sako Peace Chess. Enjoy this variant of chess that promotes peace, friendship, and collaboration. Ages six and up.

Nick Jonas’s Linkeee. Enjoy this quick to learn and fun trivia game brought to you by Nick Jonas, a huge fan of this trivia game. Ages 12 and up.

Kids Against Maturity. Bring a spark to any family game night with this instant crowd pleaser. Ages 10 and up.

The Heart and Brain Quiz Game. For the trivia lovers, use your heart and brain to answer these questions. Ages eight and up. 

CreateHER Happy Holidays Felt Craft Kits. This holiday crafts project helps young girls embrace their creativity. Ages eight and up.

Leader Climb Like Amanda Empowerment Journaling Craft Kit. Channel your inner writer and express yourself with this journaling craft kit. Ages eight and up.

Care Like Greta Glass Water Bottle and Sticker Kit. Help save the planet with this glass water bottle



Bearback. Take care of your back and body without fear of unreachable spots.

Caminito Cozy Blanket. You can never have enough cozy blankets in your life so add another with this Caminito Cozy Blanket that is able to easily roll up and travel with.

Pull Start Fire. When the dark and cold draw near, there is no need to fear with this easy fire starter kit that involves no matches and lights for at least 30 minutes, so that you can continue toasting those marshmallows and making memories with your kids. Not for children.

Michal Max Shave Cream, Anti-Aging Moisturizer, and Eye Cream. Take skin care seriously with Michal Max’s face care products.

GoSun Chillest Cooler No Ice Freezer. Take tailgating to the next level with this on-the-go cooler that basically acts like a mobile refrigerator.

Aquapaw Pro Pet Grooming Tool. Make bathing your furry best friend easier with this grooming tool.

UltimatePower 90W GaN USB-C PD Wall Charger. Enjoy a fast charge with this quick charging port powered by Gallium Nitride Technology.

Stone+Lain Dinnerware Set. This 16-piece dinnerware set is perfect for your home.

Roast Master. Roast your friends in good fun and not fear hurting feelings with this card game. Ages 17 and up.

Whatever Card Game. This embarrassing and awkward card game is perfect for groups and parties. Ages 17 and up.

EyeVac Air. This touchless air purifier and vacuum will help keep your room clean and can easily handle things like dust, dirt, and air.

LectroFan Micro2. A portable speaker with built-in sounds to help you get a good night’s

Arvin Goods Socks. Everyone can use a new pair of socks, and Arvin Socks are comfortable and made from recycled materials.

Steep Echo Tea. Enjoy this all natural, caffeine-free olive leaf tea.

KISS Signature Colors 4-Pack. If you love KISS, bring the band to your house with these action figures that are perfect for display.

Nomatic Camera Tech Organizer. The perfect shot begins with organization. Make sure you’re in the position to capture those special moments with this organizer.

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