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Homemade Gifts – Gifts Made with Love for the Special People in Your Life 

December 1, 2020

You don’t have to be an artisan to make a memorable gift for a particular someone.

And when that gift is made by﹘or with﹘a child, it becomes extraordinary. Here are some fun ideas that any recipient would be thrilled to receive.  


Plain glass ornaments are readily available for purchase everywhere, as are glitter pens, glue, glitter, and all manner of decorating items. Have your child decorate the ornament or write their name in glitter along with the year for grandparents and special family members to enjoy on their tree every year.  

Or, purchase plain wooden ornaments at a craft store. Your child’s school picture can be affixed to one side and decorated for a truly one-of-a-kind memento.  

Something more topical and fun, perhaps? Nothing says “2020” like “dumpster fire!” Make your own dumpster fire ornament with a small box, cover it with black construction paper, and fill with multiple orange, yellow, and red flames cut from construction paper. Write “2020” on the side in gold glitter and make it hangable by gluing a small metal pinch-style hair clip to the bottom. 

Face Mask Hangers 

Photo courtesy of SunflowerStreetShop.

We’re all needing to keep masks at the front door, ready to grab, so what better gift than a hanging organizer?

Purchase a wooden wall decor board (pre-sanded) from a craft store, and then either stain or paint it. From there, evenly measure and mark spots along the bottom and then screw in hooks from which to hang masks. Decorate the piece with a theme, or paint your recipients’ name or a saying at the top. Make sure your child signs and dates their masterpiece on the back. 

Decorated Apron 

Admit it: you wear an apron and love it. And you’re not the only one! 

Purchase “blank” aprons at your local restaurant supply (in New Orleans, we have Caire) or craft store, and also several shades of acrylic paint and brushes. Cover your table with lots of newspaper and let the kids paint a special scene﹘whether their favorite foods, flowers, or a decorated Christmas tree. Even the littlest angel can decorate an apron by applying hand or foot prints! Simply coat their palms or soles of their feet with a layer of the paint and have them press down.  

If you’re not up to the paint, let them decorate the apron with color fabric markers or Sharpies. 


Attic full of Mardi Gras beads? Let your child turn them into wreaths! Depending upon what color beads you have, you can make either Christmas or Mardi Gras wreaths for hanging on your loved one’s front door.

Purchase circular forms from the hobby store, wrap in the appropriately colored ribbon (red or green for Christmas, or gold for Mardi Gras), snip the beads once to make a long string, and then glue them, one-by-one in alternating colors onto the ribbon to completely cover. Thumbtack a strip of ribbon onto the back for hanging from the door, and decorate with a large bow of red and green, or purple, green, and gold.  

Decorated Water Bottles 

Your kiddo’s decorated water bottle will be a hit everywhere it goes. Plain water bottles can be purchased everywhere﹘from box stores to drug stores and all points in between. 

This is a craft project that can be tackled solo by the smallest elf using stickers. Or let your older kids create a personal statement on their bottles with Sharpies or stickers. Vinyl stickers are best. If you use paper stickers, a grownup will need to spray the bottle outdoors with decoupage glue (which goes on white but dries clear). 

No matter how you craft your special gift items this year, we know each masterpiece will become a cherished item.  

Photo of Nola Family editor Trevor WisdomTrevor Wisdom is managing editor of nola family magazine who has kept every precious homemade gift her daughter ever made her. 

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