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Kidcam campers and counselor excited for summer 2020
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Kidcam: New Orleans’ Summer Camp Provider…Rockin’ 6-feet with Fun!

May 28, 2020

Kidcam New Orleans Camps is Bringing the Spirit of Summer Safely to Life through the Power of Camp

It should be no surprise to local families that Kidcam Summer Camps have fifteen locations this summer in the Greater New Orleans area…kids love their camps! And countless parents have appreciated the program’s mission of creating meaningful summer experiences for children since its founding in 1974.

It also should come as no surprise that Ochsner Medical Center contracted Kidcam to manage their employees’ child care program when local schools cancelled the remaining school year due to COVID-19. Since mid-March, Kidcam staff and teachers managed Ochsner’s program at their fifteen sites.

That said, the Kidcam team has essentially “been doing camp” for the past ten weeks. During that time, other local camps were still grappling with opening issues. 

Of summer 2020 camp, Kidcam President & CEO Melissa Conner told us, “We’ve been doing this safely and CDC-compliant for the past ten weeks and we feel confident. We are prepared and ready, and have created safe, healthy, and fun camp environments at each of our locations with our usual high standards. Where a lot of summer camps are closed for multiple reasons, we are still going!”

Ample Enrollment Capacity While Safely Distancing

All New Orleans-area locations opened on May 26 and are operating with 25% occupancy during early weeks while the metro area is still in Phase 1 of social distancing. Current ratios are 9:1, campers to counselors, one camper less than Kidcam’s usual 10:1 mix.

Kidcam has added new Uptown and Metairie locations this summer to meet growing demand and ensure safe distancing: The Chapel on Broadway, and Victory Christian 

Academy on Airline Highway — which means there’s ample space for those families who might have traditionally attended other area camps. 

Activities for All Age Groups

Enrollment is for children ages 5-13 years (age 5 by September 30, 2020). Each group and their counselor stays consistent, and groups are divided by age: 5-6 years, 7-9 years, and 10-13 years.

Each of the fifteen Kidcam sites offers a unique atmosphere with fun programming for all age groups.

Camp activities include:

In the new reflections/mindfulness class, campers take time in the morning or at the end of the day to breathe and reflect, and talk about their feelings. Melissa Conner elaborated, “It’s a time to discuss why it’s important for the campers to be aware of their personal space and to understand the world we’re in and how things are now. This is a quiet time (set apart), what with camps so busy and everyone on the go.”

All outdoor sports and games are non-contact and take different forms — from game show-type concepts to relay races and more. As Melissa explained, “We do things that are just fun, and fun at a distance, only not side-by-side.”

Other activity examples include water play with pool noodles, slip-n-slides or sprinklers, morning dance parties, gardening, scavenger hunts, and talent shows.

Up to 10-Weeks of Summer Fun

Through long-standing traditions and values, Kidcam creates a sense of belonging that gives children the confidence to be who they are. While enjoying a summer of fun, adventure and wonder, Kidcam campers are made to feel that they are a part of something truly special — that certain something that has loyal families coming back for repeat years and multiple siblings. 


Before-Care and After-Care

Before-Care: 7 am – 9 am  free
Camp Hours: 9 am – 3 pm
After-Care: 3 pm – 6 pm $2/30 minutes


ENROLLMENT is rolling and being accepted throughout the summer; it is highly recommended that families purchase the weeks they need in advance.

See the Kidcam website for more information, register online at or call 877-4Kidcam (454-3226). 

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