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Letter From The Editor – May/June 2021

May 1, 2021

My daughter is grown now, but I still have all the handmade Mother’s Day cards she made for me through the years, including the faded one that lives on my ice box. I also have and still relish the perfect homemade gifts, including the orange sharpie-colored, popsicle-stick framed photo of her on horseback from 3rd grade.   

Each year I’m delighted to spend Mother’s Day with my daughter, now over a shared bottle of Champagne. We remember the special days gone by, laughing over the burned toast I was served for breakfast in bed and other adorable missteps. (Note: don’t criticize the burned toast, tears will follow.)  

Our magazine mom-team had a lot of fun thinking up the mom gifting ideas for this issue. I went to the mat for a couple of gifts that I personally want – lol. We also have some super ideas on what to give dads this June. It’s time to start dropping hints to the kids now; be sure to leave a copy of our article open on the kitchen table!  

This issue covers childhood milestones. First, Wiggle Room outlines for new parents how to recognize and encourage mastery of developmental milestones – from sitting and crawling to walking. Next Lisa Phillips covers ways to encourage your child’s creativity in her Parenting Corner column, “Raising a Creative Child.” We’ve also got a super intro in our Bookshelf column to the all-ages Summer Fun programs at the New Orleans Public Library, guest written this month by librarian August Smith. And Robert Baer’s Financial column is a great primer on choosing the right bank card for your child and teaching good money management.  

This month’s Spotlight features LOOP NOLA, a dynamic nonprofit whose mission is to provide positive, life-changing outdoor experiences for children and youth in Greater New Orleans. Special note: this terrific organization also hosts family outdoor programs and special events, as well as canoe rentals, rope course challenges, and corporate team building! This article and their website are well worth visiting. 

And last, for parents of college-bound kids, I’ve shared my thoughts on opening important dialogs and using this summer to prepare your incoming-freshman for their new college campus life. There’s probably a lot you both can learn about each other at this juncture, and building a sense of trust and honesty is key to your new adult relationship.  

Sending our parent readers happiest Mother’s Day and Father’s Day wishes!

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