Making a Final’s Goodie Basket

Photo by Olia Danilevich on Pexels 

Finals are coming around the corner and students are scrambling to study and get those final assignments in for the semester! To help during this time, you can make them a goodie basket to lift their spirits. If you want to make your child a goodie basket for the final’s season, here are some items you can include:

Gum – Chewing gum can help stimulate the brain 

Candy – A bit of sugar can help improve focus

Snacks – To make sure they are eating while studying

Pens and Highlighters – Stocking up on supplies

Sticky Notes – For them to jot down quick notes 

Fidget Toys – If they have trouble being still or focusing on one thing at a time

Fuzzy Socks – To keep them comfortable while studying

Bubble Bath – For late-night relaxation needs

Candle – To add into the relaxation for during or after studying

Coffee Gift Cards – Caffeine is almost necessary during finals week

Reusable Water Bottle – To bring to the classroom to stay hydrated

Personalized Notes – To put a smile on their face and encourage them

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