Mardi Gras Crown Making

Making Mardi Gras with the kids!

supplies for two very super crowns!:

Instructions to make a regal tall crown:

1.  Spray paint he paper whatever color you choose (or buy the way).  We spray painted ours gold.

2. Cut a row of strips all the way across and about 3/4 down, leaving the bottom 1/4 uncut.

3. Let the decorating begin! Keep it flat for easy decorating- glitter, gems, finger paint, whatever you may have around the house!

4. Almost there! Roll it up and staple it- then, take each ‘strip’ and staple it to the opposite strip (so they will be joined together at the top of the crown, int he middle). Do this with each strip until they’re all stapled.

One more step to make it totally ‘regal’. We used a ball of Aluminum foil ( just because it was what we had- you can use anything) and covered it with gold glitter. then we hot glued it to the top of the crown. You can also bejewel that as well!

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