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Mom About Town: Heather Gorman

Heather Gorman started her career as a NICU nurse 10 years ago caring for the tiniest hearts and hands. Now, she and her husband have three children: Amelia, Scarlett, and Harrison. After having Amelia, Gorman struggled with her breastfeeding journey, a feeling many moms know all too well. Five months into breastfeeding Harrison, she decided to take a step back from bedside nursing and put her certified lactation counselor credentials to use by devoting her time to helping moms enjoy and succeed at breastfeeding. Thus, Nursing Nola Babes was born, and Gorman’s goal was to show everyone that “breastfeeding is not easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard.”

5 Things I’m Currently Loving


Playing Tourist 

Whether it’s brunch in the quarter, beignets in City Park, or exploring museums with the kids in tow, we love exploring the city as a family, especially in the fall when the weather is nicer. 

Longue Vue House & Gardens

Our first family outing as a family of five, we took my son when he was less than a week old. My girls call it “the secret garden,” and it really is, because we often have it all to ourselves when we visit. 

Secret Date Nights

Every so often, my husband plans a date night and doesn’t tell me anything other than a dress code. Our most recent was dinner at The Fountain Lounge, followed by a performance of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra at the Orpheum. The thrill of the surprise really takes the date night to the next level! 

Grocery Shopping with the Kids

If they choose it, they are far more likely to be excited to eat it. I like to take them 1:1 because the individual time with each kid is refueling for both of us! You can usually find us at Costco, or on Tuesday mornings, we love the Crescent City Farmers Market.  


Now that mine are getting a little older, I just love going to work and helping a newborn breastfeed and cuddling the NICU babies on the unit.  


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