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Mothers Day Gifts You Can Do No Guilt

If you’re like me, you’re just plain tired of all the pinterest-addicted moms who think anything with a handprint, fingerprint, or ‘pearls in a nest representing children’ is to die for. So I’ve created a very short, very easy, list of things your kids (and one dad-style gift) can do for mom, grandma, or anybody, really. With my own bad pictures. Nothing took more than 5 minutes of active time.


1. mom mug


So easy. Take any white mug, but if you don’t have one, I got this one at Michaels for around $2. WITH paints. But I ditched the paints because I have a six year old  and a low tolerance for messes. So I gave her some colored Sharpies. I think they work better because it’s easier for them to be detailed. Whatever you choose, just put the newly decorated mug in the oven and turn to 350 degrees (let the oven pre-heat with the mug in it, so it doesn’t crack). Then give it 30 minutes bake time, let it cool down, and Ta-da! It’s set. Dishwasher, microwave- all good.

2. ‘Have you seen this’ Poster


Seriously. I’m cracking myself up. Find a pic of mom and print this out. Then, post it in her favorite coffee shop, gym, or the break room at her work. Let people pull the tabs. She will LOVE it. So simple.

3. Paper Flowers

I would give you a template, but seeing as its only cutting out a petal shaped circle, that would be condescending. Have your child color some circle petals, then cut them out. Stick a pipe cleaner through each one making a hole through the middle and bending over the tip of pipe cleaner. Then glue on a puff ball thingy. Can’t think of what they’re called. Make a dozen of these and its quite a bouquet. Me, I’d plant it in her car’s cupholder the night before, let her be surprised in the morning!


4. The Good Stuff.

kinda like saving the best for last. Local artist Dominique Giordano creates these fabulous Caviar Heart Pendants ( and check out the state of Louisiana-a new design), but here’s the cool part that makes it different from just giving lovely jewelry- mom can create it herself! Let her gather nine of her closest friends together for a jewerly social. It’s more than a gift- its a creative, fun night out with the girls!

Okay. If you love these pieces but know your favorite mom has too much on her plate already, no worries, Dominique can make it for you. It’ll just cost a bit more.

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