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New Year, New Closet

Does your wardrobe need a revamp? Is your closet overflowing with piles of unwanted and unworn clothes? There’s no better time than the beginning of the year for a wardrobe makeover. With the holiday season coming to an end, you may need to make room for new clothing and accessories––which is a great reason to get rid of old, unworn, “just-in-case” clothes. Here’s how to step up your style for the new year. 

Shop Your Closet

Trend cycles and social media force us to feel like we have to have a certain item to feel good about ourselves. But ultimately, the trend cycle changes and the newness wears off, and we’re left with clothes we don’t like. Instead of getting caught in the vicious cycle of loving your clothes one minute and hating them the next, take time to get to know your wardrobe. Take everything out of your closet, and one by one, evaluate each article of clothing. Keep items you frequently wear and consider tossing damaged, stretched, stained, and ill-fitting items. If you’re struggling to let go of a few things, give yourself permission to hold onto them. Remember, it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. 

Know Your Personal Style

While trends come and go, you know what flatters you best, and what you enjoy wearing the most. Your style is an expression of who you are, so don’t feel burdened to keep clothes that don’t reflect your personality. Since personal style evolves, it’s okay to get rid of that crop top from your college days, or old, outdated Halloween costumes. From less extremes, if you have a few sweaters with holes or pilling, it’s okay to toss these, too. If you want to introduce new items into your wardrobe, consider starting small with quality basics, and then add investment pieces. 

Upgrade to Timeless Pieces

You don’t have to splurge on designer pieces to have a nice, put-together wardrobe. Instead, you can invest in timeless pieces that will transcend trend cycles and last for years to come. These pieces include neutral tanks, t-shirts and trouser pants; shoes like loafers, ballet flats or white sneakers; and sweaters made with materials such as cashmere, wool, or mohair. With many neutral colors to choose from, you can mix-and-match new clothing with pieces you already own. 

Add Accessories 

Accessories are a great way to add versatility and playfulness to your look. Opt for a pearl drop earring to add a touch of elegance to a sweater and trouser pairing. Throw on a neck scarf to add a pattern or pop of color. You don’t have to go overboard with accessories; just a pair of earrings or a statement necklace can do the job. 

Be Smart with Storage

Finding storage solutions that fit your specific needs is crucial to keeping your closet tidy and organized. A great way to maximize your closet space is to add closet organizer drawers and pack away seasonal items to avoid random piles of unworn clothes. If you want to have more space for hanging clothes, opt for thinner hangers to avoid congestion. The goal here is to make sure everything has its place.

Welcome in the new year, with a new, freshly organized closet. These tips are a great way to step up your wardrobe in 2024, break out of your fashion rut, and take your looks to the next level. 

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