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ThredUp-  online clothing exchange


We ALL love the ‘deal’ on children’s clothing, whether it’s one of New Orleans’s bi-annual huge consignment sales or or nicer consignment boutiques (our favorite? Swap for kids! ). So, in the interest of all things that save money, here’s our quick and dirty review.


What: an online clothing (books/toys) exchange site. Moms (sic) can ‘browse’ boxes to find what you like. Keep in mind, a browse is just a written description- and reliant on the seller’s disclosure- no pics are included. Sellers are ‘reviewed’ by other members, so there is some assurance (what we call group police) in that. You also post your own boxes of clothes online to sell as well.


How much: it costs $5 per box ( plus $10.95 for USPS shipping) .


Bear in mind:  You aren’t going to get the ‘cute’ clothes or great condition that you would at consignment boutiques. There is no third party to review the clothes for stains or worn spots. Also, don’t expect any brands better than Gap, Old Navy, etc- This is a box of clothes that people are willing to part with for essentially $15, so imagine that friends, co-workers, and the seller’s local consignment store have already cherry-picked these goods.


Our take?: This publisher will try it out, and will just adjust expectations- these will be clothes that my daughter can ‘trash’ at her pre-school and the playground.






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