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Planning Your Summer Vacation

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Summer is right around the corner which means vacation! From an in-state getaway with the family to a trip abroad there are a variety of different ways you can enjoy a summer vacation that fits within your budget, but how do you do that? Well, it’s all in the planning!


Consider Your Budget Now and Later

You do not want to burn through your savings or retirement funds for a little getaway. As relaxing as it may seem at the moment, you do not want to cripple your financial stability trying to go on a vacation that breaks your budget. When planning your vacation, take into account what you can realistically afford. Do not try to take the entire family to Paris when your budget can barely take you out of state. Sometimes, that mini in state vacation can be just as fun as long as you try to make the most out of it! 

When budgeting, take into account the future. There are things beyond your control, but there are things you can predict. For example, you can’t predict your car breaking down, but you can see that your car is on its last leg and will need to be replaced soon. When planning for a possible summer vacation, take into consideration this big purchase ahead of time. This may mean a less extravagant vacation but it will be beneficial for the long run but that is okay! It may suck in the moment, but it will save you a lot of stress in the future!


Picking the Appropriate Vacation

Growing up, my parents never really took my siblings and I on many extravagant vacations. He didn’t go backpacking across Europe or go to Disney every other summer, but we did go on small family trips together. My parents didn’t try to take us on a vacation that we couldn’t afford, so they made the most out of what they could! We went on trips to visit all of our family in Texas for a week. In that week, we simply bounced from home to home playing games, watching movies, eating a lot of great home cooked meals by grandma, and just catching up. 

They were never super costly vacations, but they were great for my family and I! There were lots of laughs and memories that were created from these trips which made it more than worth it! When you are planning your summer vacation, remember this. Yes, if you can afford that stay in the all inclusive resort, go for it! You have definitely earned it. If all you can afford is a simple trip out of state or a couple hours in state to visit family for a week, that’s a gift too. Vacation is what you make of it, so make it memorable! 

Once you take into account these two things, go ahead and plan it. Make the reservations in advance to lock in those deals or phone ahead  to family and ask if you can crash for a couple of days! Get it on the calendar so you and the whole family can’t start planning what you want to do! You will know best what y’all find enjoyable or not so trust yourself and most importantly, kick back and enjoy your break!

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