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Spotlight: Food Pantries in New Orleans

November 1, 2021

Food insecurity is on the rise, and as the holiday season is approaching, local pantries are bracing for a hectic couple of months.

Feeding America has reported that over 700,000 people are facing hunger in Louisiana, and according to Propeller, 1 in 5 New Orleanians are food insecure. This hurricane season mixed with new COVID-19 outbreaks has made it harder for families to stock their cabinets. Local food pantries around the city are determined to beat hunger and bring communities together by providing non-perishables, prepared meals, baby food, diapers, and household products. 

New Orleans Community Fridges

New Orleans Community Fridges (NOCF) has over 15 locations that are stocked with fresh foods and prepared meals for those in need. They also have a baby station that provides baby food, diapers, wipes, and other supplies that community members may need to care for their little ones. NOCF is an excellent option for those who are looking for nutritious, fresh foods for themselves or their families. To find locations close to you, or to find out how you can help this organization, visit

Food Pantries

St. Paul Lutheran Church has also taken the initiative of fighting hunger in the New Orleans community. During a Bible study, the congregation came up with the idea to provide food for those around the city. Pastor Andrew voices, “A few members were trying to figure out how we could help our community during the beginning of COVID. Concerns were raised about the rules for social distancing, and it was concluded that a low-contact food pantry would be best. A committee was formed, and donations were received. The food pantry was dedicated in September of 2020.”

For this church, it is much more than just helping those in need. They want to unite the church with the surrounding community. “The food pantry was a big unifier for the congregation. Everyone seems to want to help with it to varying degrees. Some go and make purchases with donated money. Others arrange the stock of supplies. Still, others love to come and put out the supplies in the food bank. Oftentimes, when the food pantry is being stocked, people in need come by and receive more than they expected. It also appears that people in the community have embraced it. People regularly stop by to drop off a can here or a can there.” To visit or find out how you can help this congregation, go to

With the holiday season approaching and many unable to fully provide for their families, it is an important time for our city to come together to fight hunger. As New Orleans Community Fridges puts it, “No one is fed until everyone is fed.” If you are in need of food or baby supplies or want to find out where you can donate to help the city of New Orleans, visit to find locations near you. 

By Lynzi Whalen

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