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Spotlight: Girl Scouts Louisiana East

Girl Scouts Louisiana East has been a cornerstone of community support and young women empowerment since its inception in 2008, born from the merger of the Audubon Council and Southeast Louisiana Council. While we often hear about the importance of supporting the Girl Scouts, it’s equally essential to understand the profound impact they have on our community.

One of the core benefits of Girl Scouts membership is the holistic growth it fosters in young girls. Through the four pillars of Girl Scouts–STEM, Outdoors, Life Skills, and Entrepreneurship–girls develop into individuals of courage, confidence, and character. The diverse array of badges available allows members to explore new avenues and skills, broadening their horizons in ways they might not encounter elsewhere.

However, the impact of Girl Scouts extends far beyond individual growth. Through Take Action Projects and the pursuit of the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards, Girl Scouts Louisiana East actively contributes to the betterment of Greater New Orleans. Projects like “Buddy Benches” in schools, little libraries, waterway cleanups, and voter education initiatives are just a few examples of their community-focused endeavors.

Moreover, Girl Scouts Louisiana East ensures inclusivity through outreach programs, bringing the Girl Scout experience to girls who may face barriers to participation. These programs offer troop leadership and financial assistance, ensuring that all interested girls have access to the enriching opportunities Girl Scouts provides.

This year’s theme, “Unbox the Future,” encapsulates the Girl Scouts’ mission to break down societal barriers and empower girls as entrepreneurial trailblazers. By participating in activities like cookie sales, Girl Scouts are not only raising funds but also forging a path towards a more equitable future for themselves and their communities.

While cookie season may come to an end, the work of Girl Scouts never stops. Year-round programming, including summer resident camps, travel camps, and summer day camps, ensures that girls have continuous opportunities for growth and adventure.

For those interested in supporting Girl Scouts Louisiana East, there are numerous avenues available. Volunteering with troops and programs or participating in the annual giving campaign are just a couple of ways to contribute to the development of future leaders in Southeast Louisiana.

For girls eager to join a troop, the process is simple. Reach out to the Membership staff via email or visit the website to fill out the Girl Scout Interest Form. With troops forming daily, there’s always room for new members to embark on the journey of courage, confidence, and character building.

In closing, it’s important to remember that Girl Scouts is for every girl in every community. As we strive to build a better tomorrow, let’s join hands in supporting and empowering the next generation of leaders. Join Girl Scouts Louisiana East today and be part of the journey towards a brighter future.

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This article was originally published in March 2024.

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