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Spring Foward

I’m sure you have heard the expressions “Spring Forward” and “Fall Back.” I’ve never really understood it. I thought it was for the farmers to have more sunlight year round. I never like it when it’s actually time to change the clocks, but a week later we have adjusted and all is well in my household. My children go to bed earlier when it gets dark early, and the whole house just seems to calm down. 

Well, that will be changing this month when we get that extra sunlight. Every night will be, “but, Mom, the sun is still up!” This goes on for weeks until they finally quit fighting, but then, summer comes, and the summer schedule starts (or should I say no schedule starts). They sleep in, become bums wearing pajamas most of the days, and are not getting their daily dose of natural vitamin D outside. I struggle every summer trying to get the kids involved with something to keep them busy.

I never grew up going to summer camps, so it really hasn’t been on my radar. Every year I am looking at camps with the kids and asking what they want to do. They have all this fun stuff to do, but they want to do nothing except sit at home, laze on the couch, or maybe go outside to the pool, which I find funny because literally every day after school they beg to go to Top Golf, or a jumpy place, or shoot their BB guns or bow and arrows. Heaven forbid they wait until summer, when they actually have time. We do two VBS camps each summer: the first one is at their school, and the second one is at their church. I am determined this year to have them do something else. 

Oh, and in researching daylight savings time, it looks as if the United States is looking to get rid of this. In March of 2022 the Senate unanimously passed the Sunshine Act, which would make Daylight Saving Time permanent, meaning no more changing the clocks twice a year. If this passes the House of Representatives and the President signs it into law, then permanent Daylight Saving Time would take effect on November 5, 2023. I am not sure how I feel about that, as I am sure it will have some repercussions.

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