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Summer Camps: for Better or for Worse

Like it or not, summer is right around the corner.

The season comes with its own perks — summer vacation — and it’s own obstacles — summer vacation. What do you do with kids who can’t stay home alone? New Orleans has a huge selection of summer camps with all kinds of activities and themes, and we asked NOLA Family readers what makes sending their kids to summer camp so awesome and not-so-awesome.


“I love letting them spread their wings and gain some independence while learning how to live by someone else’s rules. The worst part is paying for it.” – Amy C.

Preach it, sister.

“I agree. I love that my kids can get out and experience new things and stay in routine. It’s paying for it that kills us during the summer.” – DeeDee W.

“Best part is that summer camp is just pure fun! A break from those tightly scheduled school days. Worst part — the cost.” – Tracy Q.

“Least favorite are the the pools, and oh, the price (so expensive). Most favorite he’s usually around kids he knows from school or makes new friends and gets worn out.” – Sara N.

There’s a pattern here.

“Worst would have to be that I have to go to work instead of going on field trips and swimming. Best is the camp wearing my son out.” – Julie G.

“I would say the best part would be them leaving and least favorite would be them coming back. We haven’t sent ours to a camp yet, but I am sure it will be their future at some point.” – KC C.

 KC must be shivering with antici……pation.

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 “Camp is the best. Camp is expensive.” – Amanda M.

 A mom of few words — or she’s moming so hard that she’s broken.

 “[My son] loves camp where he can choose some of the activities and they don’t always travel as a whole group. He picks things then that interest him. Also, water activities like boating and fishing. Things that we don’t do on a regular basis.” – Felissa G.

 “I love that we don’t have homework to worry about. I hate that I STILL have to make lunch every day.” – Ann H.

 “We only did day camps. Not sure if Audubon Zoo still does their camps, but they were great” – Angie A.

Didn’t really answer the question, Angie, but thanks for the input all the same.

“Favorite things: new experiences and new friends. Least favorite: driving further and expenses (some give early discounts).” – Michele C.

“Good: giving them experiences. Bad: price and worries.” – Ashley B.

Editor’s Note: submissions have been edited for clarity and length.

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