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Super Bowl Party Checklist

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On February 12, two of the league’s best football teams square off for one of the most anticipated football games of the year. The Super Bowl is watched by people all over the United States and you can count on a couple invitations to some superbowl watch parties. If you plan on hosting your own party, you better make sure you don’t mess up! That would leave you with a not too positive reputation, and many party goers may avoid your parties for good in the future. To ensure your reputation remains untarnished, here are some things you need to do for this year’s Super Bowl with the key thing being to keep it simple!


Make Sure You can Adequately Stream the Game

This year, the big game will be played on Fox as well as several streaming services like Hulu+, fuboTV, and Sling TV. If you do not have cable, access to any of these streaming services, or have completely horrendous internet, do not volunteer. You do not want to be the host at a superbowl party where the game isn’t able to be played or is buffering every five seconds. For those avid fans of the sport, this will be one of the most infuriating experiences for them, and they will go home with nothing but negative things to say about your Super Bowl party. 


Game Day Snacks

The best game day snacks are the simple ones. You can’t go wrong with classic finger foods like pigs in a blanket, taquitos, chips and salsa, and mozzarella sticks. If you really want to up your snack game, throw some hot dogs and steaks on the grill. This is a great idea for those smaller Super Bowl parties. Also, don’t be afraid to ask others to contribute. Most people would not mind bringing along snacks to help out! 

Another important component of game day snacks are the drinks! Have your guest bring drinks if they can, but be sure to supply plenty of ice! You can also use this time to test out your favorite punch recipes. 


The Environment

A good rule of thumb is to just have something! No one will complain about certain things, but people will certainly complain if there is nothing there! It’s really that simple. As long as you give people a space where they can enjoy the game, you will be fine. Don’t over complicate things! Make sure there is plenty of comfortable seating and standing space, for those who need to do a little nervous pacing. Make sure your T.V is sufficiently sized, the remote has fresh batteries, and the volume is working. 

Nothing is more of a buzzkill than a superbowl party where the sound isn’t working or you need binoculars to see the T.V. If there are going to be children at the party who could care less about football, make sure there are several so they can keep each other occupied. This will keep them from nagging at their own parents or other adults to entertain them. That’s all you need for a good Super Bowl party. You need the game to actually play, the ability to see and hear it, some snacks, and the opportunity to sit back and pay as much or as little attention to the game as you please. It really is that simple. So, have fun this year and may the best team win!

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