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The Latest Pregnancy Party Trends

So, you already have a baby. Sweet. And you’ve already had the accompanying throw down.  Well, that’s no reason not to have a little sumpin’ sumpin’.

Baby Sprinkle  A growing trend for the ‘not new’ moms who don’t need to be “showered” with tons of expensive gifts for a nursery. Sprinkles are light showers: thrown to celebrate the pending birth and to help you re-stock necessary supplies (think: diapers, wipes, clothes, infant toys). If your other children are old enough, they can play a role, too.

Dadchelor party  
The name says it all. Imminent parenthood sets the stage for a final night of unabated, un-curfewed guy-bonding. Guests can bring diapers or beer (or both). The dad-to-be gets to sleep in late the next morning—something he won’t have the luxury to do once the baby arrives.

Gender Reveal party
  Calling friends and family to tell them what you’re having? So yesterday. If you’re gonna tell, have fun with it. Party guests can play games to guess the baby’s gender. Then have fun with the big reveal: present a cake with pink or blue inside, and let them learn (and you, too if you have your sonogram sealed and then you give straight to the bakery!) when you cut into it. Other ideas: fill a balloon(s) with blue or pink confetti and pop it, or fill a large box with pink or blue helium balloons and open it when ready.

Sonogram party
  It takes the traditional baby viewing party— the popular “Sip and See”—to a whole new level. Family and friends gather around you and watch your developing baby via a sonogram in 4-D, which takes 3-D to the 4th dimension: time (live action). Some providers offer party packages, and many moms-to-be use it as their big “gender reveal” moment. (Just be careful—this is not the time to find out there’s anything terribly wrong).

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