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Unconventional Mother’s Day

Photo by Creation Hill on Pexels

With Mother’s Day coming Sunday, May 14th, it can be difficult for some people to celebrate this day. While Mother’s Day is the day to celebrate mothers, not everyone has a traditional household! Everyone has different and unique family situations, so perhaps when you think of celebrating Mother’s Day, you think of someone like a step-mom, sister, grandma, or aunt.

It can be a hard holiday for some people, but you can still celebrate by giving love to those who have been motherly figures in your life. This can even include an old teacher, god-parents, a friend’s parents, or your fatherly figure as well! Mother’s Day is truly about giving appreciation to the figure in your life that has helped raise you and cared for you, so it does not have to be your birth mother. Family is more than just blood, it is also about the special bonds, connections, and guidance between two people. If you yourself are a grandma, step-mom, or in an “unconventional” motherly position, you still deserve to feel loved and appreciated on this holiday.

I can assure you, there is nothing wrong or embarrassing if you find yourself struggling with this Mother’s Day holiday. If you know someone who does struggle, reach out to them and show empathy during a day that could be really difficult for them emotionally. What matters more is sticking together and showing one another love and appreciation despite the situation. All mothers and motherly figures should be recognized during this day!

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