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Vacays, Here We Come

Well, we survived the school year; all kids passed and are moving to the next grade. It’s a little bittersweet because it will be the boys’ last year in the elementary building at school. I have made so many friends in those hallways with other moms, and I haven’t met a teacher I didn’t love. With summer break finally here, I was hoping to slow down because I feel like we run circles all school year. This summer, I’ve preplanned a little better for camps and vacations, including a Dance Nationals trip.

I feel like as I get older, all I want to do is travel, but with three kids, my bank account tells me no! However, we still make it work. We have our annual family beach trip after the recital booked. Then we come back for a little bit before heading to Nationals in Pensacola, come back home again for a few weeks, and then we are off to Texas for some fun at a water park. We always end our summers with our annual Foreman/Clarks Orange Beach trip the last week of July. We are busy peeps this summer. I’ve tried to throw a Denver trip in, but I am still trying to convince my husband. I mean, we do have an office there, so it does make sense. And Denver is fun year-round.

The one thing I haven’t planned for this summer is any downtime for the family. I feel like we are going to be nonstop. I am also getting to the stage where I am starting to really freak out. My daughter has three years left in high school before she goes to college, and I might be overcompensating so I can get as much time in as possible before my children are gone.  

Oh, well. My husband always says, “work hard and play hard.” So, I am going to take his motto for this summer and stop feeling guilty. Happy summer and safe travels!


This article was originally published in June 2023.

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