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Why Louisiana Deserves a Baseball Team

Sports has always been something that brought people together. It’s where families come together to create memories. It’s where complete strangers bond over a love for the same team creating a friendship like no other. It’s where whole communities come together to celebrate with pride the accomplishments of their team. From youth all the way to the professional level, the impact that sports has on individuals and communities is very beneficial. 

This can be especially seen in Louisiana. The first Saints game back after Hurricane Katrina, the Pelicans earning their way to a playoff spot in 2022, LSU women’s basketball bringing home a national championship, and LSU Football putting together an undefeated championship season are just a few bright moments in recent history where the community has come together to support our sports teams. 

With all this great history, Louisiana still lacks its very own MLB team. Fans of the sport or left rooting for out of market teams. Why? Many argue that the market size isn’t substantial enough to host so many games in a season. Some may even argue that baseball just isn’t a southern sport. While this may have been true in the past, I believe that Louisiana does deserve its very own MLB team. If you look at LSU Baseball this season, you can see just how much support they have received setting record breaking attendance records and playing at a very high level.

We are sports fans here in the great state of Louisiana, and we deserve an opportunity to enjoy the great sport of baseball at the professional level. I admittingly don’t know the statistics and just how realistic it can be, but I for one as a St. Louis Cardinals fan would appreciate a much closer team to root for. A team that I can one day bring my family to. A team that the community can rally behind just like this great state has done for all of the teams we have now.

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