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Birthday Parade Volunteer Call-out and Information!

We need volunteers!

Do you have some time to bring a smile to a kiddo’s face? If so, we so appreciate the time and effort you’re willing to take to make a child’s ‘COVID-19 quarantine’ birthday a special day for them. New Orleanians are bonded by community like no other. We thrive on social interaction and supporting our own. This is a great way to give back, when often we’re struggling on how to show our love during a time of social distancing.  

To make this work, we need New Orleanians who are willing to spread a little joy to area kids who are experiencing what is a life-defining time in their lives. On their birthdays, especially, they deserve a bit of joy, and a socially-distant parade is what we can do for them!

We’ll need neighborhood volunteers (and volunteer leaders) to lead the way. If you live in an area of town that you’d like to be included and you want to volunteer or ‘lead’ a birthday team, please complete the form below.


What a great way to have your own ‘parade group’ all in one family! It’s also a fun and feel-good way to know that your family is helping other families during this time. We bet lots of kids would love for an opportunity to end their boredom and feel like they’re helping as well! If your family is interested, just let us know by filling out the form or emailing us at




Have you seen our ‘Let us give you a Birthday Parade‘ page?  Click the link for details. 

How volunteering works:

Volunteer coordinators:

Let us know you can help and where you are by completing the form above. We’ll send you the information of birthday kids in your area.

Find 3 other friends who are willing to costume and participate.

Make a birthday sign for the birthday kid! Creativity wins points. (Make a sign that you can change out kids’ names on).

Each volunteer needs to arrive separately in their own vehicle, unless they are members of the same household. 

Text or call the parent when you’re on your way, and then when all the paraders are there and ready to perform.

For safety’s sake (and for COVID-19 safety and compliance) we hope for at least two and no more than 6 participants total. Costumed volunteers will each ‘parade’ separately, one after the other. Once one person has greeted the birthday child (extra points for dancing, singing, or performing to your heart’s delight — your game!), they will continue past the house so the next person can come up and do their bit.

Stay on the sidewalk, please don’t go on their property. We can’t be too careful with social super-distancing. We also ask parents to make sure the family either watches from a window, or stays on their porch! 

Please maintain a huge distance (30 feet if possible) by rounding the block back to your car, or crossing the street to return to your car. If you’d like to parade back one more time (they would love it, and hey, back to your car!) please use the same protocol. This will not be a gathering and you should never be in ‘proximity‘ of each other, for your own peace of mind and ours. Again, if you have same household members together, they can celebrate together!

Have fun! You are doing something really special for a local NOLA kid on their birthday. We all love each other in New Orleans, and we love you for helping making a child’s day! 

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