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The City Can Be Your Classroom

An ideological leap that every new homeschooler makes is around WHERE homeschooling happens, and that it is not restricted to your home. We’ve mentioned parkschooling, because that happens a lot in the cooler months. You’ll find homeschoolers gathered in groups working on topic lessons or running free. The city is entirely different when everyone is inside. It’s yours to explore. And we’re going to help you explore it educationally!

Check out some of these free/low cost activities in and around New Orleans each week to get you started. Please note, this is a small overarching sampling, as there are lots of activities that are low/no-cost happening every day. We’ll be exploring those things as we go!















Random Days


I Hope you found this information useful! Join us here each week, as we share the distinction between different types of homeschooling you’ll find in New Orleans and examples of each in action, along with how to register as a homeschooler and lots more!


by Mary C. Long. 

October 23, 2017.

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