We've carefully curated our bloggers and have found wonderful spokespeople for different areas in our community. 
If you'd like to join our bloggers or have suggestions for new topics please contact us at [email protected]. Enjoy, and we look forward to this fun journey! 
        Meet our Bloggers: 

Elise Solomon (Photo by: Roman Alokhin)

Elise Solomon is the Youth & Family Programs Manager at the New Orleans Museum of Art. For more information about family programs at NOMA, visit noma.org/learn or contact her at [email protected]
Elise will focus on art and the child.







Elise's Blogs: 


Mary Long

Mary C. Long, Educational Director & CEO, Homeschooling Heroes, L3C
Mary is a former teacher with an M.Ed. from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. She made the leap to homeschooling four years ago after realizing school was just not a good fit for her (then) third grader. She’ll be sharing how homeschooling looks in NOLA, along with info to help families considering or just curious about this growing educational option! 
 Mary will focus on Homeschooling in New Orleans.






Mary's Blogs:



Tracy Breaux




Tracy Breaux is a mom of 4, some special needs, some adopted, and some homegrown.

She is a small business owner and former high school teacher. Tracy's blog will focus on same-sex parenting in New Orleans.






Tracy's Blogs:



Ty Salvant



Ty Salvant is a homeschooling mom of 5, and the founder of NOLA Homeschoolers Young Scholars; created to support homeschoolers by providing opportunity, encouragement, and community.

With over 12 years of experience, Ty knows how daunting homeschooling can be, and created a network to aide homeschool families in their academic and extra curricular endeavors. 

Ty's Blogs: